API Pricing

The table below lists the current pricing structure and rate limits for each available sport. All APIs are cloud hosted with typical up-time of 100%.

  • Fees are invoiced monthly and paid in advance of the usage period
  • Fees are only charged during the active months of each sport, including post-season
  • Free trials are available for developers to fully explore the API
  • A complete listing of terms and conditions can be found here: Terms and Conditions


(per month)

Rate Limit
(calls per 30 days)

Throttle Limit
(calls per second)

College Football $850 100,000 2
NFL Football $850 100,000 2
College Basketball $850 100,000 2
NBA Basketball $850 100,000 2
NHL Hockey $550 100,000 2
MLB Baseball $550 100,000 2
NASCAR Sprint Cup $350 100,000 2

*Custom API solutions also available